sensory receptors

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Stefanie Gerstmayr finished her MFA in Fine Art in 2018 at Goldsmiths University. Stefanie's work has been included in group exhibitions at Galerie der Künstler in Munich, the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn as well as APT Gallery in London. Her videos and installations question the perception of reality, human animality and the representation of the body.

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2018     "syntax error", Lewisham Arthouse, London (co-curator & artist)
2018     "Phantom Limb", Corsica Studios, London
2018     "Bite the Sunset" (Degree Show), Goldsmiths, London
2018     "Beyond the Standard Model - an evening of text and performance", Almanac, London
2018     "Die ersten Jahre der Professionalität 37", Galerie der Künstler (BBK), Munich
2017     "9 Ways To Tell Yourself Everything Will Be Fine", APT Gallery, London
2017     "Tacker", Galerie der Künstler (BBK), Munich
2017     "NoFuture", Out of the Brew, London
2016     "Tacker", Galerie der Künstler (BBK), Munich
2015     "Diploma Exhibition", Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2014     "Zuckerwasser", Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2013     "Atlas 2013", Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn
2012     "Eye Eye", Lothringer 13 Halle, Munich
2012     "Mein Leib ist mein Wille", Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2011     "7 Stars for Bad Reichenhall", urban area of Bad Reichenhall